Hi there.

I'm Melissa Leigh Gore,

a full-stack web developer and writer from Boston, MA.

About Me

Presently I write code at Barbershop Labs, a web and mobile development shop building clean-cut solutions for startups and established brands alike. Read more about my coding interests and projects...

I'm also a writer, primarily of poetry. My work is forthcoming in Pamplemousse and Drunk in a Midnight Choir, and my reviews have appeared in The Rumpus. I hold an MA in English and Women's and Gender Studies from Brandeis University. Read more about my writing...

I live just outside of Boston, MA with my husband and our surly tabby cat.


I can be contacted via email at sayhi [at] melissaleighgore.com.

Please note that I am not accepting any requests from tech recruiting agencies at this time, and emails of this nature will not be returned.


Presently I work for Barbershop Labs, a web and mobile development shop in Boston, MA. I've been writing code for the web on and off since I was a preteen in the late 90s, but made a full career pivot to full-stack web application development in 2015 when I won a code-contest scholarship to attend Launch Academy.

I've helped get some cool projects off the ground doing freelance web development, including LGBTQ-friendly lingerie shopping at Bluestockings Boutique and worker organizing at the Southern Maine Worker's Center, among other non-profit and corporate customers.

I really enjoy building things that are useful, beautiful, and well-tested. I also like learning new things, preferably via ridiculous side-projects when possible! You can find me on Github and LinkedIn. Please note that I am not currently interested in speaking with recruiting agencies; emails will not be returned.


I like to write poems, and also about poems.



"Prayer" in Drunk in a Midnight Choir

"Topography" in Pamplemousse

Book Reviews

Review of Ultramegaprairieland  by Elisabeth Workman in The Rumpus

Review of Interrobang  by Jessica Piazza in The Rumpus

Review of She Has a Name  by Kamilah Aisha Moon in The Rumpus

Review of You are Not Dead  by Wendy Xu

Ultramegaprairieland book cover
Interrobang book cover
She Has a Name book cover
You are Not Dead book cover


Stay tuned for a blog, or a tinyletter, or whatever the kids are doing these days.