I'm Melissa Leigh Gore,

a full-stack web developer & writer in Boston, MA.

About Me

Presently I work as a software engineer at ActBlue Technical Services. Read more about my coding interests and projects...

I'm also a writer, primarily of poetry. My work has appeared or is forthcoming in Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Drunk in a Midnight Choir, and Peach Mag, among other journals, and my reviews have appeared in The Rumpus. I hold an MA in English and Women's and Gender Studies from Brandeis University. Read more about my publications...


I can be contacted via email: hello (at) melissaleighgore.com.


Presently I work for ActBlue Technical Services, where we empower small-dollar donors to contribute to the campaigns and causes that reflect their values. I've been writing code on and off since the late '90s but officially made a full-time career pivot to full-stack web development when I won a code-contest scholarship to attend Launch Academy in 2015.

I've also helped get some exciting projects off the ground doing freelance web development, including LGBTQ+-friendly lingerie shopping at Bluestockings Boutique and worker organizing at the Southern Maine Workers' Center, among other non-profit and corporate customers in a variety of industries.

I enjoy building things that are useful, beautiful, and well-tested. You can find me on Github and LinkedIn.


I like to write poems, and also about poems.



Four Poems in WICKED ALICE


"a very narrow set of stairs" in Peach Mag

"Drinking with Bernoulli in Wicker Park" in Glass: A Journal of Poetry, August 2018

"Prayer" in Drunk in a Midnight Choir, Spring 2017

"Topography" in Pamplemousse 4.2

Book Reviews

Review of Ultramegaprairieland  by Elisabeth Workman in The Rumpus

Review of Interrobang  by Jessica Piazza in The Rumpus

Review of She Has a Name  by Kamilah Aisha Moon in The Rumpus

Review of You are Not Dead  by Wendy Xu

Upcoming Readings

April 27, 7:30pm - Clouds and Other Louds, a poetic arts festival at the Dorchester Arts Project

May 29, 6:00pm - The Outpost, Cambridge, MA


You can subscribe if poetry, code, weightlifting, or general womping to and fro appeal to you.